The only working way to engage cold customers
(without pissing them off)

These days having a nice website is not enough. 95% of people come once and never come back.
Love from the first sight Sale from the first visit happens once in a decade.
Automated sales funnel is a very effective tool to get more love and convert more visitors into purchases.
Auto sales funnel is an automatic sequence of actions that smoothly guides your customer from a cold state (need awareness) to a warm state (ready to make purchase, including repeat sales).
Imagine you are asleep and your products are being sold automatically. And even if you go on vacation, your goods will still be automatically sold and bring you profit 24/7.

And completely without you being involved. Sounds like a dream?All this is an auto sales funnel.
This is what you usually can find in auto funnel specialists' quotes.

Let's figure out if it's true or not, and most importantly, how to do it.

It Used To Be Better

In the old days everything was better.
I don't know how about the fact that the grass was greener or the sky was more blue before, but the competition on the Internet was much less intense.
Cost per click in Google paid advertising was noticeably lower. Now to get a visitor from your online ad you have to pay much more. Social accounts in Facebook and Instagram are growing with followers and likes but those give nearly zero sales.

We are not even talking about SEO promotion, where it is almost impossible to get through now, just by making a good website.

Everything needs a budget. And it gets bigger and bigger every year. Not only because the competition is growing, but also because the consumer has become more thoughtful about the purchase.
That is why new marketing tools evolve, such as email marketing, retargeting, CRM systems, in order to find the very individual approach to everyone.

What Does "the client has become more thoughtful about the purchase" Mean?

Now your customer goes through more than two stages "saw -> bought". Number of emotional purchases is decreasing.
Even with a small purchase a customer's way to purchase may look like this:

How Customers make decisions today

I want to go to a vacation
A person saw an advertisement for a hot tour on the Internet and realized a want. It is important to stress that currently it is not a need but rather a want.
The customer is a warm lead in a sense of purchase readiness.
Where should I go?
Our customer google the Internet about destinations, talks to friends about their experience, studies the Internet and social media where to go for a vacay
Which travel agency to buy my trip from?
Searches for companies on the Internet, makes some calls, fills out offer request forms or drops by some agency office on his way home
Agency I can trust?
Evaluates the site of the agency, reads reviews, looks at the quality of communication with the staff, learns about the various options offered by the company to fit customer's preferences.
It does not happen overnight.
Is it the best offer I can get now?
Customer determines what is the most suitable offer for him at a given moment in time.
Now the customer is a hot lead and almost ready to buy.
This is how basically customer makes a decision to purchase in a shortened way.
In real life everything is often more complex :) Nevertheless, it goes nicely in line with Ben Hunt's theory of Customer Awareness Ladder.

It's obvious even in the ordinary short sales cycle you need to approach a person gradually. Noone will buy right away.

With the help of an automatic series of actions it is possible to organize and simplify this process.

Her Majesty, The Sales Funnel

If somebody tells you that you won't need to do any work after your sales funnel is set up, that person is lying.
BUT it is possible to make careful sales to your customers happen automatically and autonomously. This is true.
So let's dive deeper into detail what is the sales funnel about.

Many marketers consider sales funnels as an email marketing automation. But since cloud CRM systems and chatbots appeared on the market, everything became much more interesting.

Even though the basics are in sending messages to customers, the nowadays potential is beyond just sending email letters. It got more complex, more efficient, and also more difficult.

Sales funnel is a complex integration of many different systems and cloud solutions.
They are not just sending the messages basing on the preset triggers in the sales strategy scheme but can also do many-many useful things 24/7 to earn you cash:
- show the right banner and retargeting ads on the Internet and social media,
- set tasks to your sales personnel to approach the lead in the most relevant moment,
- calculate probability of a sale and set appropriate activities to drive interest of your customer to purchase,
- process the online payments and do the automated communication tasks with the customer,
and many more like: send confirmation emails and sms, automate shipping orders, provide insightful statistics etc etc. Imagination is the limit.
Your sales funnel may look like this
Each block means an interaction with the customer or related to his interaction.

It can be a triggered email, or a special landing page, an ad, a banner or a Whatsapp message, or an action taken by the customer, or NOT taken, or....

Many branches, many conditions, different logic, along the long sales cycle your customer gets into and is being carefully taken through literally by hand. Automatically.

Sounds like magic? In a way it is. Seeing for yourself is always better.

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Who Is The Sales Funnel FOR?

Our experience (and a lot of mistakes, sleepless nights and experiments) states sales funnels are not a perfect match for any business.
Sales funnels are quite costly to build up.

It takes about 3 months to craft more or less decent funnel. Time of several online marketing and creative professionals, software licenses, writing selling copies, creating visuals - all amount to quite an investment.

Before rushing into that make sure sales funnel will give a good ROI.
We love to sell a lot. Why not your products?
Any product or service can find ways to its customer.
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